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Focus on Student Learning

October 5, 2009

It seems that every school that I enter, work at or hear about has a different level of, and different method of deal with student focus. What’s equally interesting to me is that it is one of those aspects of a school that seems like it is immediately apparent upon entering into the community. As a few of my fellow students commented, student focus revolves around teachers. I think that this is true for both elementary or secondary schools, and that focus on education seems to follow a “trickle-down effect” that leads from the staff of the school to the students, and in some cases out into the community.

An encouraging example of such is a school that I taught in where the staff not only collaborated with one and other, but made a point of participating in the community as well. This involvement not only led to noticable levels of student focus and achievement, but also greater levels of encouragement and participation on the part of many parents and other community memebers. Case like this show us that student focus and community participation in schooling does not have to be specifically sports-centered as many schools (especcialy high-schools) tend to be.

I was encouraged by the many posts on the discussion board that alluded to the fact that collaboration and common curricula tend to encourage student achievement. This has been a long-standing belief of mine, and I have been fortunate to not only have heared that it work, but to have participated in such schools as well.

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