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EDU 6600 – The Final Post – Tyee Action Plan

December 11, 2009

The attached document is an action plan justification and proposal for Tyee Middle School in Bellevue, Washington. It was created as part of my EDU 6600 course entitled “Communication and Collaboration” at Seattle Pacific University. The document delves into the demographic information, achievements and specific needs of the Tyee teaching and learning community. Those needs served as the basis of the action plans that I created, both of which serve to increase the communication and collaboration between teaching staff at Tyee, as this was an area that was identified to be lacking on the 2008-2009 Tyee Middle School Improvement Plan.

Part of my Master’s degree demands insists that I meet the twelve requirements of the Curriculum and Instruction program at SPU. The sixth and seventh standards are covered by the course I’m currently in, and are as follows:

Standard 6 Communication: Communicates regularly and effectively with colleagues, parents, and students through a variety of mediums.

Standard 7 Collaboration: Cooperates with other professionals to bridge gaps between schools and community and between departments/disciplines within schools.

My action plan was twofold: first a program of critical friends groups are to be implemented in order to increase communication and collaboration between faculty members; building a sense of trust between members of specific CFG’s. The second part is to implement Lesson Study groups to further increase collaboration, encourage the study, sharing and critiquing of lessons/curricula, and hopefully open the door to further alignment.  Both of these plans require the faculty of Tyee (of which I am a member) to “communicate regularly and effectively with colleagues” (Standard 6), and “cooperates with other professionals to bridge gaps between … departments/disciplines within schools” (Standard 7).

My goal was to devise a way to strengthen the collegial bonds between members of the teaching staff at Tyee, and I believe that this action plan lays the groundwork to accomplish that.


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