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Standard 11 Inquiry/Research

April 20, 2011

The following artifacts satisfy the requirements for Standard 11 Inquiry/Research, in that I have shown that I can competently consume and produce –  where necessary – empirical data to guide educational practice.

This first artifact is a research outline proposing a study to investigate the relationship between traditional and non-traditional teacher certification and the achievement of students in 10th grade English classes. This shows my ability to research, plan an design a study from which could be gathered empirical data for the betterment of educational practices.

Certification Study Proposal

The second artifact is a report in which I used statistical analysis to analyze and interpret gathered data regarding the controversy over equity in public school expenditures. In this report, I analyze the relationship between expenditures and academic performance using data for all fifty states plus the District of Columbia.

State Expenditure Equity Analysis

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