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Standard 5: Assessment

April 24, 2011

The following documents were created to show mastery of Standard 5 – Assessment: Assesses students’ mastery of curriculum and modifies instruction to maximize learning.

These artifacts were created for the course EDU 6613: Standards-Based Assessment. In this course, we were to create artifacts that would be used to assess student growth and understanding of a given topic. At the time, I was teaching the book Night by Elie Wiesel, so I chose to focus on creating artifacts that would assess student understanding of that text. Each of the artifacts was designed to assess students in a different way. For example, the Reading Response Journals are designed to let students reflect upon the content of the reading and therefor show me what ideas they encounter as they go. Likewise, the Literary Terms Worksheet is designed so the students can show their understanding of both the content of the book and the literary terms that they study. The Final Night Unit Test was designed to meet a very specific set of learning targets (explained in detail within the document), while the Final Unit Essay assignment was created to allow students to explore the content and explain their understandings in an unfettered manner. All of these assignments allow me to assess my students in different ways, and show that I can adeptly create assignments that effectively assess students mastery of curriculum.

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